About the Brand

We are Anhaya, one who cannot be led. Our name embodies our philosophy. We create apparel for everyday use, with relaxed and comfortable silhouettes. Our clothing is sustainable, slow fashion and our pieces are made to last. Never out of style and never short lived.

We draw inspiration from cultures across India, with each collection throwing spotlight on textiles and printing techniques from a myriad of places. Whether Ikat from Orissa, or Chanderi from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, we are rooted in ethnic fabrics and traditional practices. Our collections feature a contemporary edge, with cuts and styles in tune with global trends.

About the Designer

Sharwari Patil is a designer based in Pune, India. Fashion was not the path she pursued initially, but it is the one she was destined for. From a young age, Sharwari was interested in fabrics and textures. She would gather her mother’s and grandmothers’ old sarees and create something new with them. Studying at a boarding school, Sahyadri KFI, she began exploring forms of art. At school, she learnt the basics of batik and block printing, weaving, pottery and carpentry. Sharwari credits her schooling for influencing her to build her career in a creative field.

As a fresh commerce graduate, Sharwari made the leap to pursue her true calling. Enrolling in the Parsons School of Design in New York, she rediscovered her love for textures and textiles.

Sharwari’s personal style is one of minimalism, which heavily influences the pieces she designs. An advocate of sustainability, she has shifted her focus to ethically sourcing fabrics which can stand the test of time.