Sustainable Fashion

Ethics + Asthetics= Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable development is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” according to the UN Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development. Every consumer is probably aware that the products they purchase have some kind of effect on the environment. However, the average person does not know that the textile and clothing manufacturing industry has one of the greatest. Sustainable fashion is part of a growing design philosophy, which some brands and designers are taking into consideration. The goal of this trend is to create textiles and garments in terms of an environmental responsibility. There are many ways that this can be achieved, but there are many key factors that every consumer should be aware of. Although the term ‘sustainable’ is sometimes used in reference to the environmentally conscious aspects of a business, according to the term’s definition, sustainability must also include economic and social equity objectives. The term ‘ethical fashion’ typically stands for the same values as ‘sustainable fashion.’

Sustainable fashion starts with design and with you, the fashion wearer. A sustainable approach to making, buying and using clothes is key to protecting the planets, as well as the lives of those involve in the creation of garments. It is believed that, we believe that sustainability and fair trade clothing are not just trends, but also a cause we can all become part of to secure the future of the upcoming generations. If you’re interested in making a change, keep reading and discover more about sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry and how you can build a green, zero waste wardrobe.

Emergence of Sustainable Fashion Sustainable fashion is a concept that has emerged in the recent past because of increased focus on sustainable development. Despite differences in the definitions of sustainable development, it is a concept that constantly leads people to change priorities and goals because it is an open process that is difficult to achieve definitively. Nonetheless, sustainable development is the development and growth mechanism that allows people to meet their needs without affecting the capability of future generations to accomplish their own needs. Therefore, the achievement of sustainable development entails the use of suitable technologies to enhance the quality of life through long-term maximization of the ecosystems’ productive potential. The main objective of sustainable fashion is to achieve sustainability, which is a balance between social equity, the environment, and the economy.

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